John Springer, orginally from Indianapolis, IN and now lives in the Orlando, FL area, has a business called Landscape Walkabouts conducting Property Inventories, Residential Landscape Design and Plant Assessments. John has a BS in Landscape Architecture with minors in Forestry, Art & Interior Design from Purdue University. His Master’s background in John Springer and Patricia Springer: Enchanted WalkaboutsEnvironmental Science/Science Education from FIT, BCC, UCF, involves writing programs for the State of Florida and at least seven Environmental Education Centers throughout FL and GA starting in the early 70’s. His early nature & earth awareness came in his early childhood on a 40-acre farm in IN and 4-H. He earned the William T Hornaday Award for Distinguished Service to Conservation in 1964 through the Boy Scouts, which John is an Eagle Scout with Thirty Years experience. He has created two Scout Camporees entitled Touch The Earth in the 1980s. He is currently a Conservation Advisor with several different organizations to encourage more youth participation and connections to conservation, nature and the environment.

John is a Lightworker/Networker & Community Builder as he has created the following groups around FL and the Southeast: The GOLD [Gathering Of Light Delegates] Group, OMS [Orlando Metaphysical Society], HUG [Healers Under God] & HUGS [Healers Under Great Spirit] Groups, CAN [Conscious Awareness Network], The Enchanted Children’s Garden & Yalaha Garden Council, FAE [Fairy And Earth] School and others. Presently John is an Instructor in the Enchanted curriculum at the Misty Forest Academy; a co-facilitator of Enchanted Walkabouts; a Guide for Enchanted Zoo Walks at the Central Florida Zoo and many other places all around Florida. John is a Reiki Master/Level 3 and has a Doctor of Divinity from the Pan American Ministries, John and his wife, playmate and best friend, Patricia are always assisting people to discover the joys of this planet and our connections to the other realms. John claims is a member of the Church of the Tree.


Having being raised on a farm in Indiana, sitting on the cows at age three, hugging trees, flying through the eyes of a red-tailed hawk and communicating with all forms of nature before even starting school. John’s family actually had an airplane before they had indoor plumbing on the farm, since his father had been flying since 1923 and designing and building aircraft radios were the main part of his business. John was blessed to have been enrolled in the 4-H, Scouts, YMCA and other groups. However, the Boy Scouts provided the best overall foundation in his awareness and understanding of the environment as he earned Eagle Scout, 44 Merit Badges, 4 Palms, God & Country Award, and the William T. Hornaday Award for Distinguished Service to Conservation. John was the 1st Scout in 35 years to earn this award in the Central Indiana Council (Crossroads of America Council) in 1964 and has been the Conservation Advisor for Scouts in three States (IN, GA, FL) to earn this important award. John’s Father told him that he will find himself 30 to 40 years ahead of everyone, just do not wait on them. His Father was so right!

While John was in Indiana studying Forestry and Geology at Purdue University, which he flunked out in his Junior year. He returned to finally graduated in a new School of Landscape Architecture in 1970. It was at this time John went directly to the Graduate School and asked about the requirements for a MS in Environmental Education, which they had no knowledge or even knew what this was. In August, 1970, a statement was issued by the HEW (Health, Education, Welfare) Department defining Environmental Education. John had to design his own curriculum and course work for one year, then moved to Florida in 1971 to work with the Landscape Architecture (Jack Holmes) who designed and created Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. Within two years, John was hired to work in the Landscape Architecture Department of Walt Disney World and WED Design.

John is still active creating landscape designs throughout Florida, however his focus was to work on the reawakening of people’s consciousness to the worlds of the Faerie and Earth Realms. In 1999, John was directed by the Faerie Realm to awaken more humans to their role as Stewards of the Earth, while as the Director of the Enchanted Children’s Garden. It was during this time John started conducting Faerie Realm Playshops and Enchanted Walkabouts using his education, knowledge and wisdom of the natural world. Education includes a BS in Landscape Architecture with a minors in Forestry, Art and Interior Design with a Master’s in Environmental Education. The Faerie Realm trusted John and knew he was very connected to the realms of the natural world, seen & unseen.

Presently, John is active with several Girl Scout Councils creating and leading Enchanted Programs and Walks. After 30 years with the Boy Scouts and now 10 years with the Girl Scouts, it has been so important to help children see and feel the world of nature through a new set of eyes and heart. The Staff of the Girl Scouts have indicated that John has changed their girls and made them all “Happy Campers”, now they talk to everything, wave at leaves and hug trees. They have said they have never seen the girls so happy! John’s Camp Name for the Girl Scouts is Papa Smurf. His Boy Scout name is Fuzzy Fox!

Because of John’s connection and education for our young people, he is now serving a second 3 year term as the elected Tree Advocate for the Executive Board of the Florida Urban Forestry Council. John was appointed in 2014 to be the International Director of the Alliance for Spiritual Ecology. In 2012, John was titled the Visionary Director for the Fairy And Earth (FAE) Festivals for FL and NC, plus he has been the Fairy Consultant for Brighid’s Fairy Faire (BFF) in Cassadaga, FL. Speaking of Cassadaga, John proposed the creation of the Fairy Trail Project, which was approved by the Board of the Town of Cassadaga on the New Moon of January 23, 2012. This Fairy Trail Project is located at the intersection of Seneca and Chauncey, straight up the hill from the Colby Temple in Cassadaga, FL. Check it out!

You will know John by his top hat, red suspenders and sometimes he has a long eared white stuffed bunny/rabbit in his hat. He always has a walking stick and joy in his heart, as he introduces you to the many other worlds of realities. He wears either a tree or fairy shirt and usually sparkles up, just to see who is paying attention to the subtle details happening all around all the time.