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Tree Terms: Dragons

Tree Terms Dragon Washington Oak Park FLA 2009

Dragon Tree in Washington Oak Park FLA 2009 photo by Janet L. Hall


We have discovered that Dragons are the broken ends of branches or fallen trees. As you look upon them, many times you will clearly see their eyes, snout, mouth, body, and other features, which will look like a Dragon. My comment is that you have to drag on them to pull them out of the woods.


Tree Terms Dragon Suwanee Springs Park FLA 2009

Dragon Tree in Suwanee Springs Park FLA 2009 photo by Janet L. Hall

Have you ever seen any like these or something similar?

You can post comment below if you have!

And if you would like to share your Tree Dragon pictures please email to our webmistress, Janet at: and she will do her best to get them posted with approval from me.

Check out this YouTube Video about the upcoming Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017 and its astrological meanings as it journeys across the US. Very interesting and quite informative.

On Monday, August 21, 2017, there’s a total eclipse of the Sun. The Sun’s light will be eclipsed by the Moon and the Moon’s shadow will fall across America.

The path of totality, averaging 67 miles (108 km) wide, will cross through 10 states – Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina – and skim several others. It will pass directly over Salem (Oregon), Idaho Falls and Lincoln (Nebraska), Kansas City and Nashville (Kansas) and Columbia and Charleston (South Carolina). Residents and visitors to these cities will be in the dark for over 2 minutes with those near Hopkinsville, Kentucky – at 1.24.41pm EDT – experiencing the Sun’s glorious corona, strange colors in the sky and stars in the daytime for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. All regions outside the path of totality will experience a partial eclipse. Los Angeles and Boston will experience a 60% cover of the Sun; Miami a 78% cover; Chicago a 87% cover and Seattle and Denver a 92% cover.

Be In Joy!

Enchanted Walkabouts Facilitator, John Springer, will be hosting Enchanted Walkabouts on the last Friday of every month through January 2018

Lotus Lake Park

Enchanted Walkabout at 9AM or 10 AM (depending on the date)

RSVP John Springer

$10/Adult & $5/Child (5-15).

Check out the boardwalks!

Please join us and don’t forget to sign up for our Enchanted Walkabouts Blog so you NEVER miss an announcement, event, or a nature exercise and more!

Gift/Guest post from: June 9, 2017 – Laura Walthers –

It was a very enchanting day. I took my friend Shay to visit a beautiful magical place in Oregon, Opal Creek-3-Pools. When you choose to live consciously—nature mirrors the many levels of consciousness back to you. So you may ask, “What does that mean—to live ‘consciously’?

It stems from believing—all things in creation are connected. From that point of unity consciousness it grows into allowing that higher part of you to come forward. This opens you up to the many dimensions around you in your reality. So when you are in nature the many levels of beings can connect with you and play and celebrate life with you!

I invite you to walk with Shay and I and SEE the many ways this can happen!

Happy Trails!

 Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  Shay is playing her Tibetan bowl at Opal Creek. Notice the white arrow in the back-green-brush of the photo. This is the Forest Deva welcoming us to the area. She reveals an imprint of her green face and crown on her head.

Shay could feel the Forest Deva before she saw her. The forest deva sent her a huge wave of love! The forest deva wanted me to take her photo. Each section of any landscape has an overlighting deva. (There are faces in the rocks next to Shay’s head.)

As we trekked to the upper level of the park we could feel a strong connection in the forest. The faces in the trees were appearing and welcoming us. When this happens you are seeing physically and spiritually. Your 3rd eye is activated! 

Shay is clairvoyant and was given a glimpse of another timeline that had existed there many years ago. She could see a Chinese temple with red and gold carvings on it. Then she heard a voice come from a large rock. A man appeared with partial bald head and a beard and mustache out of moss. He asked her is she would play the Tibetan bowl for him. As she played I heard the words, “Ring of Truth” echoing from the sounds. He was part of the royalty that had once lived there.

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo: See white arrow-Asian King appeared through rock.

Then she heard a voice coming from another rock that said, “Quickly take the photo, the sun has revealed me—but the light will not last for long.”

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  Woman temporarily revealing herself in shadow on the sunlit rock.

As I approached this section of the forest with Shay I came upon a wizard! He was the guardian of the area and allowed the doorway/portal to open so we could connect with the Asian temple. His wizardry was alluring and profound.

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  Wizard appeared in tree trunk. A guardian in the forest!

I was guided to take Shay to see the cave and rock beings that live there. We are viewing them high above the canyon pools below—on the other side.

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  The white arrow is pointing to the portal in the mountain. The large rock being in the canyon is pleased to connect with us.

As we approached the canyon and focused our attention on the cave0151the energy blew me away. Shay could feel it too. I have connected with them before but today it was very strong. I decided to send love and we both toned together. Then I could SEE a huge face in the doorway! Wow!

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  Rock being revealed in cave doorway!

The rock being was connecting and sending strong energy. You can see his eye looking at you. It was smiling and pleased we were able to receive. I also noticed a dark figure that outlined the entrance of the door. It appeared to be dancing. I asked if it had a message and Shay heard, “When Humanity growsthe Universe dances. ” 

Here is a closeup of the Rock Being:

Laura Walthers -

The Ear H.E.A.R.S.

September 23, 2017
12:30 – 3:30 PM – Saturday
Lotus Yoga Center
465 Oakland Ave
Apopka, FL 32703

The Ear H.E.A.R.S. 

(History, Equipment, Action, Results, Safety)

LEARN about the:

H-History of Candling/Coning from the past and the present day.

E-Equipment needed to properly use the cones for ear candling.

A-Action of handling, trimming, watching the procedure & the fire.

R-Results of the flame, color and the residue found in the cones.

S-Safety of the fire, properly preparing the area & cone trimming.

“Ear Candling is an age-old ‘home remedy’ used to soothe the ears and to help relieve pain and itching from infections and other conditions.  Many people believe the process helps soften earwax and helps the body excrete any excess wax. Other benefits may include helping dry out any fluids in the ear canal.  

Today, ear candling is practiced all over the world. Candle makers now use many modern manufacturing techniques, quality control and hygienically sound practices to produce better and more consistent products. As a result, the practice of ear candling is growing even more popular every year!” However, they are very few people who actually know how to administer the ear candles properly and safely. 

People are welcomed to bring their own cones, however we will have a selection with us for people to try.  Some of these cones cost as much as $18 per cone. A regular candling session calculates two candles per ear depending upon the candle and the conditions of the ear. The cost of an Ear Candling Session ranges from $50 to $125 per session.

The overall time of the workshop lasts 3 to 4 hours, which The classroom lecture is only an hour, however it is dispersed throughout the class as we go straight into demonstrative and hands-on ear candling so people can get comfortable in doing it for themselves.

This is a Hands-On Class ~ Everyone will Ear Candle Someone!


COST: $60/Person; $90/Couple (Married or Friends) $30/Deposit

Please RSVP your Intention – Adults Only or Children – 16 or older!

Cost will be same whether you bring your own candles/cones or not.

REGISTRATIONS or DEPOSITS PAYABLE via PayPal found on our website: via our Donate Tab or send a Check or Money Order Payable to 

John Springer; 1326 Bunnell Rd; Forest City, FL; 32703

We just posted all our Enchanted Walkabouts being held at Mead Botanical Gardens Winter Park, FL. every Sunday until Jan., 2018 – starting in Aug. of 2017!

We are very excited about this opportunity and you can check out our events calendar to see the dates/times, and other info.

Educational, Scientific, Magical!


Facilitated by John Springer!

Look for John and his Top Hat at the concrete picinic tables across from the rest rooms, past the pavilion on the right, after the roadway splits in the parking area on the right within Mead Gardens


Hope to see you there and ALWAYS be in JOY!

Mead Botanical Garden Logo, Winter Park, FL

A lesson in belly dance with Innerflex Bellydance @ Fairy And Earth (F.A.E) Festival 2016! Share with your friends!

 Dayna Jean Salmen of Innerflex Bellydance

Inner Flex; Dayna Salmen & Melanie Whittenburg; DANCER; Mills River, NC; 

“Come, Join Us on a magical journey to invoke dance spirits of unseen magical realms. With Mother Earth under our feet, we celebrate the elements making old and new, we bring forth the Enchanted Heart and Soul of the ancient form of belly dance.”



Mass Wisteria Productions logoVideo by: Mass Wisteria Productions; Emily Gillis; VIDEOGRAPHER; Flat Rock, NC;; 

“Emily Gillis is a Native of Hendersonville, NC and the Owner of Mass Wisteria Productions. Passionate about all aspects of filmmaking, Emily aspires to someday become an award-winning independent film director. She is fueled by Passion, Kombucha, and the Love from her Dreamboat Husband.”






Brief Awakening; Ryn Arrants & Kay-Fox Petrucci; MUSICIAN; Asheville, NC playing music and the children from the Faerie Folk School dancing.

“Brief Awakening, from Asheville, is a small tribe of amazing fairy creatures who can only effectively communicate through their art, song, dance, and movement. Mandolin, ethereal vocals, synth, piano, avant garde heart drums, and harmonious overtones – swirl, bubble and trail, wherever Brief Awakening wanders.”

vixi jil glennFaerie Folk School; Vixi Jil Glen; STORYTELLER/FAEteam; Leicester, NC  

“Storyteller Vixi Jil Glen. Faerie Folk School Director, weaves together original and ancient faerie tales, enchanted nature walkabouts, and personal accounts, to help guide folks into realms and the magical world of faeries, elves, devas, brownies, gnomes, mermaids, and all sorts of wonderful enchantments.”

The Ecstatic Dance Video at the NC FAE Festival in May!

With Ken Om Crampton 

“Dr. Momento is the time traveling musical mythfit! Channeling the playfulness of a Jackalope or Disco Faerie, he brings community interactive musical mischief and storytelling to schools, festivals, and retreats. His medicinal sideshow of Music, Dragon Dancing and Joy is sure to thrill YOU!”


“Just Follow The Rabbit!”, is the under theme for the Faerie And Earth (F.A.E.) Festival. The Rabbit is your Guide to a Magical and Enchanting Experience awaiting you during the weekend of May 21 & 22, 2016 at the Highland Lake Cove Retreat & Learning Center on 217 Rhett Drive in Flat Rock, NC. The Rabbit will be posted on trees and as our directional signs to lead you to our event. Our excess proceeds from our F.A.E. Festival benefits The Center for Honey Bee Research located in Asheville.

Friday, May 20, we are offering four 2 hour workshops involving Paneurnythmy Sacred Dance with June Sananda Hughes; Annie Martin sharing Mosses of the Mountains; Lady Cerelli teaching about our Relationship with the Honey Bees; and Diomiro D’Agostina providing insights about the ever changing Fairy and Human Relationships. The Cost of each Workshop will be $20.00 per session, payable upon arrival. These programs will be taking place in the Sanctuary in the Pines, located on the corner of the festival grounds. Reservations made through our facebook page.

We are honored to have Rev. Faerie Elaine Silver providing a Faerie Concert, Friday, May 20 in the Sanctuary in the Pines, located at 34 Lake Cove Road (off Rhett Drive) in Flat Rock at 7:30 PM with a 7:00 PM Artist Reception in the lower level of the Sanctuary. The Admission Cost of this musical performance is the same as the Entry Cost to the Faerie And Earth Festival at $15/Adult; $10/Seniors (55+); $5/Child (5-15), however all Adults & Seniors will receive a FREE CD from the Faerie Elaine Silver Music Collection and a Special $5.00 Off Discount Ticket for entry into the F.A.E. Festival for either or both days. 

Then, throughout the F.A.E. Weekend, we will experience and see Stilt Walkers. Mermaids, Dinosaurs (Dakota & Friends), Mother Nature, Dryads, Fairies, Bubble Masters, 44 Vendors, Readers, Musicians, Magicians, Storytellers, Presenters, Fairy Tour Guides, Dragons, Puppeteers, Fairy Houses, Faerie Folk School, Girl Scouts (Magical Fairy Adventure Patch), Snakes and Critters (Earthshine Nature), Healthy Foods, Dancers, Plays and our Silent Auction which will benefit The Center for Honey Bee Research. Come and Play with Us!

This Faerie And Earth (F.A.E.) Festival has been designed to bring people together representing the many Realms of Faerie and Earth in their services, readings, products, crafts, energy, performances, talents, presentations, and presence in providing a joyous and fun celebration for the Families and Children of Western North Carolina and beyond by offering an amazing immersion experience for all attending throughout the weekend, May 20-22, 2016 at the Highland Lake Cove Retreat Center in Flat Rock, NC.


3rd Annual FAE 2016 Festival Nc