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Elaine SilverFaerie Elaine Silver will be performing in the Sanctuary in the Pines at the Highland Lake Cove Retreat & Learning Center; 34 Lake Cove Road off Rhett Drive in Flat Rock, NC on Friday, May 20, 2016 from 7:30 – 9:00 PM. A Meet the Artist Reception will take place at 7:00 PM in the Lower Level of the Sanctuary of the Pines. A free CD of your choice from the Faerie Elaine Silver Collection will be given with every paid Adult Ticket at the Door. Friday Night Concert: $15/Adult; $10/Senior (55-99); $5/Child (5-15) – Cash Sales Only! Please Reserve your ticket/RSVP by sending your reservations to John Springer @


REMEMBER the Faerie And Earth (FAE) Festival will be happening the same weekend on May 21 & 22, at the Highland Lake Cove Retreat & Learning Center; 217 Rhett Dr, from 10 AM to 6 PM, with a Special Fairy Dance, Costumed Parade & Drumming Circle during the evening of May 21, Saturday. Flyers, schedules and information will be on hand at the Faerie Elaine Concert.

Tree Talk

We often hear of people around the world who protect, rescue and grow trees. And we wonder why they do this.

I (Oribel Divine) co-created this video to share with you the reasons why The Trees are important to planet Earth. Using information found in Dianne Robbins latest book called Tree Talk published in 2008, this video only contains an edited excerpt of the complete information. The Trees are magnificent beings who not only provide us shelter and shade and home for our animal friends, they too are caretakers and stewards of this planet and much more.

Today I reached out to a tree, touched it, hugged it, loved it and talked to it. And the tree loved me back. It’s about connecting from the heart center and the common language we have is LOVE. All life forms respond to LOVE. That’s the way it is.

I dedicate this video to all the trees of this world, the tree huggers, the tree growers and the tree rescuers. May we stand with them as ONE.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy viewing!

Much love,
Oribel Divine

P.S. 2 months after posting this video, I was communicating with a wise old tree in our local botanic garden. At the end of our conversation I asked the tree if it has any message for me, and it said, “The Trees thank you for sharing our story with the world.” And my heart did a somersault and I was in tears. To receive thanks and acknowledgement from another species is my greatest reward. I hope you too can experience this and share your stories with others.

11 Steps to Wing Fluffing

Eleven Steps to Wing Fluffing

By Eshalom Samu-El (Aka John Springer)
(01)  Have two people, one to fluff and the other to catch (We have had people come off the floor, as their wings emerge and/or gently rise up.  Sometimes people will just wobble or lean forward as the wings get larger during the fluffing).  Make sure there are no ceiling fans right over your head or any low clearances.  Make sure you have the space, since your arms will be fully extended during this fluffing exercise.
(02)  Have the person being fluffed, stand facing the catcher, while the fluffer stands on the backside.  Have them take off their shoes and/or remove their glasses, if you are indoors. Make sure they are standing straight as possible.  This is not a sit down exercise.  You may want to do the Heart Connection Exercise before you start fluffing with everyone, so the space is in the energy of oneness and call in your guides, guardians and others to assist you in this Wing Fluffing.
(03)  Take you hand, usually right (your choice) hand and hold a few inches above their crown chakra.  Then move your hand, with palm at ninety degrees from the back in a cupping (fingers together) configuration, down the back past the butt.  I usually clap or slap my hands after each pass down the back.  You will feel energy and sometimes you will not be able to get past certain areas until it is cleared (back up and start going down the back again).  It is like you are scooping the old stuff off the backside.  People put their stuff behind them or carry their stuff on their back, like all types of emotions including worry, hate, fear, loss, grief and others.  This exercise helps clear the backside from their stuff before even starting to fluff their wings.  It is very important to clear the backside of any lingering energies before fluffing.
(04)  After the back is cleared, look at the backside to see if you can read the energies or see the wings.  Then stand a few feet back and put your hands together, not palm to palm.  Put your hands back to back with fingers and thumbs touching, fingers can be apart while doing the fluffing.  Make sure to stand a couple of feet back with your arms mostly extended and no one is close to you during the exercise.  Be careful of other people disrupting the energy, since you will be creating a sacred space by your fluffing.
(05)  Start at the base of the spine (Do not touch the person) and sweep upward with your hands, with palms back to back, all the up the back to above the head.  You will find your hands opening up/separating and following the energy back down, like you are forming a heart outlined by your hands.  With each movement up the back and sweeping down again, you feel the wings opening more and more.  At times, the energies of the wings will have you coming all the way back down to the floor.  You will feel the edges of the wings.  Move your fingers, as though you are tickling or fluffing the edges of the wings.  You may find yourself on your toes trying to find the edges of the wings, whereas others may have their so tight against their back it will feel like you need to pry them open.  Each person will be different.  You will feel the difference.
(06)  The first set of wings usually emerge from an area at the shoulder blades.  Not all wings are the same, some will be broad and some will be narrow.  Some wings will feel like feathers, whereas others may be like dragonfly or butterfly wings.  You will be able to discern the difference as you fluff more and more wings.  Sometimes you will receive messages for the person being fluffed.  By the way, the Emotional Heart is located between the shoulder blades, opposite of the Soul Heart, located at the thymus area.  Many times the shoulder blades will represent the parents, with mother being the left blade and the father being the right blade.  Remember with each sweep to start at the base of the spine and go upwards.  Keep your hands back to back until you reach the top.  You find this will be an automatic response for the fluffer to open the hands at the top and move the fingers back down the sides of the person.
(07)  The second set of wings emerge at the base of the spine, like tail feathers.  They will be detected after the first set has been fluffed.  Sometimes, they too, will flow down to the floor.  Remember to put your hands back to back for each sweep, rather than together.  With the second set, you will only go a portion of the way up the back during the fluffing, again you will feel the energy emerging more and more as you are doing this exercise.  Keep in mind, not everyone has two sets of wings, you will feel them if they do or do not!
(08)  The third set of wings will emerge at the ankles, like Mercury the Messenger.  Not many people will have a third set, just make sure to be aware of the possibilities.  Usually net workers or people with high energy and always on the go may have a third set just to keep them going.  Again you will fluff these wings with your hands back to back and only going up twelve to eighteen inches or so in your upward motion from the ankles.  These wings  never seem to be too large on anyone.
(09)  The fourth set of wings emerge from behind the knees.  This is a rare happening to come across someone with a fourth set of wings, however we have encountered this twice.  They are usually very small wings, usually no more than twelve inches in size overall.  Use the same method with your hands back to back and when your hands release then move your fingers up and down, like you are playing the piano, as you complete the heart motion.
(10)  Rarely we have seen a fifth st of wings, like in my case, which seem to be located on top of the shoulders.  These have been witnessed by many people.  Fluffing these wings has proved to be very difficult, because of their location, size and energy.  So if you encounter the fifth set of wings, it is very important to acknowledge and honor the person afterwards.

(11)  Then after all the fluffing of the first, second, third fourth or fifth sets of wings and you have kept them from flying around the room.  Then move your right hand all the way up the spine, without touching, back to the crown by a few inches then snap your fingers to finish/to close the wing fluffing.  Then both you and the catcher should bow to the newly emerged winged being.  Note, the catcher could help explain to the person being fluffed what they see from their own viewpoint.  Also, the catcher can help you by witnessing the expressions this person may be showing during the wing fluffing.  Rarely we have seen a fifth set of wings, like in my  case, which seem to be located on top of the shoulders.

Here is a sample of a “raw” video of John and Patricia doing a Wing Fluffing on Vicki at his 2009 Enchanted Walkabout Facilitator’s Training in St. Augustine, FL.

Any questions or comments, please email or call me, anytime!  This is a very effective exercise and even the non-believers will feel something during this process.  If you know anyone who can see energies have them be there during your fluffings.  Let me know how it works for you!

Be In Joy! 
John Springer

Faerie Encounter Test/Exercise

Faerie Encounter Test/Exercise

This exercise is from Ted Andrews book entitled “ENCHANTMENT OF THE FAERIE REALM – Communicate with Nature Spirits & Elementals”. 

This book is recommended reading for those taking part in the Faerie Realm Playshops, ELF (Enchanted Living Forest) Schools, Fairy And Earth (FAE) Festivals, Enchanted Walkabouts, any Faerie Festival or Fae Event and for those wanting a closer relationship with the faerie realm and members of the many other realms of nature.
“This exercise will begin to open your thoughts along the possibility of actual faerie encounters.  If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions, you have probably experienced the faerie realm and just did not realize it”
01:  Have you ever seen a flash of light or sudden quick movement out of the corner of your eye that could not be explained?
02:  Have you ever seen flickers of light around your house plants, flowers or trees?
03:  When out in nature, have you ever felt as if the woods themselves were watching you?
04:  Have you ever walked down the street and the fragrance of a tree or flower hits you strongly?
05:  Do you or have you ever felt uncomfortable in your basement, attic or dark areas of the house?
06:  As a child or maybe as an adult, did your closet have to be closed before you could feel comfortable enough to go to sleep?
07:  Did you ever see, think or believe there was something or someone in your closet?
08:  Did you ever have or ever see a child with an imaginary playmate?
09:  Did you ever observe children when playing and see them talking to themselves, especially when participating in outdoor activities?
10:  Do you find that talking to your plants helps them grow?
11:  Have you ever walked through an open field and found yourself brushing spider webs from your face?
12:  Did you ever hear music or singing from unidentified sources?
13:  Do you dreams often and consistenly involve outdoor environments, woods, fields, streams, etc.?
14:  Have you ever encountered an old woman while out walking in nature only to turn around the next moment and find her gone?
15:  Have you ever been sitting outside singing or humming softly and seen animals draw closer?
16:  Have you ever found things appearing, disappearing or being rearranged in your house?
17:  Did you ever find yourself excessively sleepy when camping or on extended nature outings?
18:  Do you ever dream of strange beasts, lights or dragons?
19:  Do you feel upcoming changes in the weather before there are any signs?
20:  Are your favorite times of the day dawn and dusk?
21:  Are your favorite times of the year autumn or spring?
Speaking for myself, I took this test and answered “YES” to 20 out of 21 questions.  SEE HOW MANY FIT FOR YOU!  
Make sure to secure Ted Andrews book, “ENCHANTMENT OF THE FAERIE REALM – Communicate with Nature Spirits & Elementals” for your personal library and reference book.

Prayer Spiral

stone sprial“This Prayer Spiral has been designed to provide you the opportunity to issue prayers as you walk in a clockwise spiral towards the center. First, at the entrance to the spiral, bow to the center of the spiral before walking. Say your prayers out loud or to yourself from the entry point to the center of the spiral. Walk slowly, since you are issuing prayers during your walk. Once you are in the center, then lift your hands above your head, as you give your prayers to God and his Angels to take upwards. This clock-wise spiral is an Ascending Spiral, as your prayers get taken and released into the other realms. After your prayers have been issued, then reverse yourself and walk back out in a counter-clockwise pattern, which is a Descending Spiral. This represents coming back to earth and where you are encouraged to do your blessings, thanks and gratitude before reaching the beginning point. Once you finish, bow again towards the center of the spiral, in appreciation for this time of prayer”  

Welcome to the Orbs Around Us!

The following is an article I wrote for Natural Awakenings Magazine, here in the Central Florida area about Orbs.  The first article was zapped by the other realms and this is the article they wanted everyone to see.  Even the publisher, Margaret Jones had odd happenings when she received this article and when she read it outside and out loud, her dog became more protective and needy.  This was in the February/March, 2009 issue.  Check out the links I have shared in the article to learn more about the Orbs.



By: John Springer

orbs St. Augustine lighthouse

Orbs @St. Augustine lighthouse; photo by Janet L. Hall

Welcome to our fellow light beings as they dance and celebrate our existence and theirs.  Have you noticed more and more orbs have shown themselves to us in our photos?  When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States and gave his acceptance speech in Grant Park in Chicago, most people captured orbs dancing in the energies of the night above the crowd.  They really do like to party and are attracted to our light and love.  In years past those same orbs would have been processed out of the photo with the processor thinking there was something wrong with the lens, the camera or the conditions in which the photo was taken.  Not any more with the age of digital cameras do we have this problem.
We all are orbs depending upon the brilliance of our aura, except we are still in human form.  Everything is energy and the orbs are traveling in the most efficient form possible, the sphere.  We are always traveling in our sphere of glow with our aura.  Most people’s aura extends out about one-half inch whereas others extends for one-half of a mile or more.  Our friends, the orbs, also have shown themselves to align to heart energy as demonstrated one night in an experiment we conducted at the Enchanted Children Garden in Yalaha (the gardens do not exist anymore), when I was the Director of the Garden Council with the Yalaha Foundation. 
We had two ladies who both had identical digital cameras aim towards a field known to contain orbs and nature spirits.  One lady was always in her head commenting most of the time by asking, “Why!”, whereas the other lady was mostly in her heart trusting her guidance and stating, “Let Go, Let God!”.  As I stood behind them and watched in their viewfinders, they took their photos at the same time.  The one who stays in her head had no orbs, whereas the one in her heart had lots of orbs in her photograph of the same field at the same time.  Of course the one who is in her head, exclaimed “Why!”.  Our comment was, “That is Why, be in your heart and not in your head to see into the other realms!”.
We have noticed the camera has a broader vision range than we as humans do, however the orbs are very energy sensitive.  My friend Angel Ross (who was the heart lady in the story above) has a strong relationship with the other realms and hears the orbs talk to her.  At her home outside of Daytona the orbs will tell her when to take the pictures and where.  She has communicated with them during a firewalk at Boyd Hill Nature Park many years ago and asked the orbs to cover the coals and protect her from the fire and they did.  She indicated after seeing this photo she knew she was not alone and was very protected.
My wife, Patricia, went out during a foggy night and took several pictures just to see what would show up and a few orbs did.  However when I inquired on whether or not she asked, “Who wants to have their pictures taken tonight?” and then go out and take the photos.  She discovered the number of the orbs in her photos had greatly increased.  Apparently they have egos and like to show off, however we must ask permission before taking our photos, besides they like hanging around our place.  Sometimes in certain enchanted or high energy areas your camera may not work for any reason unless you ask permission or be very heart connected.
During one of our Enchanted Moonlight Walks at the United Research Light Center in Black Mountain, NC, we watched an orange orb dancing through the woods in the viewfinder and yet we could not see it with our eyes.  When the orange orb saw us watching it, it turned and came straight towards us and yet we still could not see it with our eyes.  It showed to me our human vision is very limiting and we must trust our instincts when we are taking pictures.  There will be times you will be told to take a picture and rather than saying “Why!” just take the picture and believe in the results.  When people got out of their heads and back into their hearts, the orbs were captured by nearly everyone in their photographs including an enchanted area was revealed to us showing different colors of light and energy.
When your dog or cat are looking at something and you cannot see it, do not take their picture looking, take a picture of what they are looking at.  Animals are very energy sensitive and have responded to the orbs and the auras of those around them.  Many pets have their own guardians showing up as orbs in their photos either next to them or above their head.  We have found human and animal faces in the orbs, as well as patterns representing crop circles, labyrinths or sacred symbols.
To learn more about photographing orbs, get the book by Leonore Sweet. “How To Photograph the Paranormal” or to
Leonore has done research on what dust, rain, fog, snow and others look like as compared to actual orbs.  It is important to see and know the difference.  

Check out Nancy McKinney’s website: for additional information about orbs and orbs with faces.  Remember to welcome the orbs around us for they may be your friends, your family, your animals, your angels, your guides, celebrating your love and existence as you journey on your earth mission and assignment.  Remember to be in your heart rather than your head.
John S. Springer is located in the Central Florida area is known as a Lightworker/Networker and conducts regular Enchanted Walkabouts at Mead Gardens in Winter Park.  He is a Residential Landscape Designer and conducts Landscape Walkabout.