wing fluffing by John Springer of Enchanted Walkabouts

11 Steps to Wing Fluffing

Eleven Steps to Wing Fluffing By Eshalom Samu-El (Aka John Springer)   (01)  Have two people, one to fluff and the other to catch (We have had people come off the floor, as their wings emerge and/or gently rise up.  Sometimes people will just wobble or lean forward as the wings get larger during the fluffing).  Make sure there are…

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fairy image

Faerie Encounter Test/Exercise

Faerie Encounter Test/Exercise This exercise is from Ted Andrews book entitled “ENCHANTMENT OF THE FAERIE REALM – Communicate with Nature Spirits & Elementals”.  This book is recommended reading for those taking part in the Faerie Realm Playshops, ELF (Enchanted Living Forest) Schools, Fairy And Earth (FAE) Festivals, Enchanted Walkabouts, any Faerie Festival or Fae Event and for those wanting a…

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Spiral in Sedona, AZ

Prayer Spiral

“This Prayer Spiral has been designed to provide you the opportunity to issue prayers as you walk in a clockwise spiral towards the center. First, at the entrance to the spiral, bow to the center of the spiral before walking. Say your prayers out loud or to yourself from the entry point to the center of the spiral. Walk slowly, since…

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Orbs around St. Augustine Lighthouse, FL

Welcome to the Orbs Around Us!

Greetings! The following is an article I wrote for Natural Awakenings Magazine, here in the Central Florida area about Orbs.  The first article was zapped by the other realms and this is the article they wanted everyone to see.  Even the publisher, Margaret Jones had odd happenings when she received this article and when she read it outside and out loud,…

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