Brief Awakening and Faerie Folk School

Brief Awakening; Ryn Arrants & Kay-Fox Petrucci; MUSICIAN; Asheville, NC playing music and the children from the Faerie Folk School dancing.

“Brief Awakening, from Asheville, is a small tribe of amazing fairy creatures who can only effectively communicate through their art, song, dance, and movement. Mandolin, ethereal vocals, synth, piano, avant garde heart drums, and harmonious overtones – swirl, bubble and trail, wherever Brief Awakening wanders.”

vixi jil glennFaerie Folk School; Vixi Jil Glen; STORYTELLER/FAEteam; Leicester, NC  

“Storyteller Vixi Jil Glen. Faerie Folk School Director, weaves together original and ancient faerie tales, enchanted nature walkabouts, and personal accounts, to help guide folks into realms and the magical world of faeries, elves, devas, brownies, gnomes, mermaids, and all sorts of wonderful enchantments.”

The Ecstatic Dance Video at the NC FAE Festival in May!

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