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Tree Terms: Dragons

Tree Terms Dragon Washington Oak Park FLA 2009

Dragon Tree in Washington Oak Park FLA 2009 photo by Janet L. Hall


We have discovered that Dragons are the broken ends of branches or fallen trees. As you look upon them, many times you will clearly see their eyes, snout, mouth, body, and other features, which will look like a Dragon. My comment is that you have to drag on them to pull them out of the woods.


Tree Terms Dragon Suwanee Springs Park FLA 2009

Dragon Tree in Suwanee Springs Park FLA 2009 photo by Janet L. Hall

Have you ever seen any like these or something similar?

You can post comment below if you have!

And if you would like to share your Tree Dragon pictures please email to our webmistress, Janet at: and she will do her best to get them posted with approval from me.

Enchanted Walkabouts Facilitator, John Springer, will be hosting Enchanted Walkabouts on the last Friday of every month through January 2018

Lotus Lake Park

Enchanted Walkabout at 9AM or 10 AM (depending on the date)

RSVP John Springer

$10/Adult & $5/Child (5-15).

Check out the boardwalks!

Please join us and don’t forget to sign up for our Enchanted Walkabouts Blog so you NEVER miss an announcement, event, or a nature exercise and more!

Gift/Guest post from: June 9, 2017 – Laura Walthers –

It was a very enchanting day. I took my friend Shay to visit a beautiful magical place in Oregon, Opal Creek-3-Pools. When you choose to live consciously—nature mirrors the many levels of consciousness back to you. So you may ask, “What does that mean—to live ‘consciously’?

It stems from believing—all things in creation are connected. From that point of unity consciousness it grows into allowing that higher part of you to come forward. This opens you up to the many dimensions around you in your reality. So when you are in nature the many levels of beings can connect with you and play and celebrate life with you!

I invite you to walk with Shay and I and SEE the many ways this can happen!

Happy Trails!

 Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  Shay is playing her Tibetan bowl at Opal Creek. Notice the white arrow in the back-green-brush of the photo. This is the Forest Deva welcoming us to the area. She reveals an imprint of her green face and crown on her head.

Shay could feel the Forest Deva before she saw her. The forest deva sent her a huge wave of love! The forest deva wanted me to take her photo. Each section of any landscape has an overlighting deva. (There are faces in the rocks next to Shay’s head.)

As we trekked to the upper level of the park we could feel a strong connection in the forest. The faces in the trees were appearing and welcoming us. When this happens you are seeing physically and spiritually. Your 3rd eye is activated! 

Shay is clairvoyant and was given a glimpse of another timeline that had existed there many years ago. She could see a Chinese temple with red and gold carvings on it. Then she heard a voice come from a large rock. A man appeared with partial bald head and a beard and mustache out of moss. He asked her is she would play the Tibetan bowl for him. As she played I heard the words, “Ring of Truth” echoing from the sounds. He was part of the royalty that had once lived there.

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo: See white arrow-Asian King appeared through rock.

Then she heard a voice coming from another rock that said, “Quickly take the photo, the sun has revealed me—but the light will not last for long.”

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  Woman temporarily revealing herself in shadow on the sunlit rock.

As I approached this section of the forest with Shay I came upon a wizard! He was the guardian of the area and allowed the doorway/portal to open so we could connect with the Asian temple. His wizardry was alluring and profound.

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  Wizard appeared in tree trunk. A guardian in the forest!

I was guided to take Shay to see the cave and rock beings that live there. We are viewing them high above the canyon pools below—on the other side.

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  The white arrow is pointing to the portal in the mountain. The large rock being in the canyon is pleased to connect with us.

As we approached the canyon and focused our attention on the cave0151the energy blew me away. Shay could feel it too. I have connected with them before but today it was very strong. I decided to send love and we both toned together. Then I could SEE a huge face in the doorway! Wow!

Laura Walthers -

Above Photo:  Rock being revealed in cave doorway!

The rock being was connecting and sending strong energy. You can see his eye looking at you. It was smiling and pleased we were able to receive. I also noticed a dark figure that outlined the entrance of the door. It appeared to be dancing. I asked if it had a message and Shay heard, “When Humanity growsthe Universe dances. ” 

Here is a closeup of the Rock Being:

Laura Walthers -

We just posted all our Enchanted Walkabouts being held at Mead Botanical Gardens Winter Park, FL. every Sunday until Jan., 2018 – starting in Aug. of 2017!

We are very excited about this opportunity and you can check out our events calendar to see the dates/times, and other info.

Educational, Scientific, Magical!


Facilitated by John Springer!

Look for John and his Top Hat at the concrete picinic tables across from the rest rooms, past the pavilion on the right, after the roadway splits in the parking area on the right within Mead Gardens


Hope to see you there and ALWAYS be in JOY!

Mead Botanical Garden Logo, Winter Park, FL

Visit our calendar for more details! Hope to see you there!!

Come view the world through a new set of eyes! Join John Springer on a walk along our hiking trails. See faces in the trees, spinning/waving leaves, fairy thrones/castles, eyes of Merlin, gnomes and other magical and mystical creatures and characters. For All Ages.

The Enchanted Walkabout is a walking tour with John Springer as your guide introducing you to the spirits of the garden, the tree people and to the elementals of air, water and earth! Visit with the enchanted trees, the dragons and the many faces of nature. See the dancing energies as you journey the many trails and paths. Feel the joy and energy of the faerie realm. Smell the hidden fragrances and the voices of the unseen realms. Capture orbs, wands and unexplained light as we explore the many realms of God. This program will assist you in seeing and feeling the world through a new set of eyes and heart. Awaken and become one with your world.

Southern FL flyer for Enchanted Walkabouts

Faerie Encounter Test/Exercise

Faerie Encounter Test/Exercise

This exercise is from Ted Andrews book entitled “ENCHANTMENT OF THE FAERIE REALM – Communicate with Nature Spirits & Elementals”. 

This book is recommended reading for those taking part in the Faerie Realm Playshops, ELF (Enchanted Living Forest) Schools, Fairy And Earth (FAE) Festivals, Enchanted Walkabouts, any Faerie Festival or Fae Event and for those wanting a closer relationship with the faerie realm and members of the many other realms of nature.
“This exercise will begin to open your thoughts along the possibility of actual faerie encounters.  If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions, you have probably experienced the faerie realm and just did not realize it”
01:  Have you ever seen a flash of light or sudden quick movement out of the corner of your eye that could not be explained?
02:  Have you ever seen flickers of light around your house plants, flowers or trees?
03:  When out in nature, have you ever felt as if the woods themselves were watching you?
04:  Have you ever walked down the street and the fragrance of a tree or flower hits you strongly?
05:  Do you or have you ever felt uncomfortable in your basement, attic or dark areas of the house?
06:  As a child or maybe as an adult, did your closet have to be closed before you could feel comfortable enough to go to sleep?
07:  Did you ever see, think or believe there was something or someone in your closet?
08:  Did you ever have or ever see a child with an imaginary playmate?
09:  Did you ever observe children when playing and see them talking to themselves, especially when participating in outdoor activities?
10:  Do you find that talking to your plants helps them grow?
11:  Have you ever walked through an open field and found yourself brushing spider webs from your face?
12:  Did you ever hear music or singing from unidentified sources?
13:  Do you dreams often and consistenly involve outdoor environments, woods, fields, streams, etc.?
14:  Have you ever encountered an old woman while out walking in nature only to turn around the next moment and find her gone?
15:  Have you ever been sitting outside singing or humming softly and seen animals draw closer?
16:  Have you ever found things appearing, disappearing or being rearranged in your house?
17:  Did you ever find yourself excessively sleepy when camping or on extended nature outings?
18:  Do you ever dream of strange beasts, lights or dragons?
19:  Do you feel upcoming changes in the weather before there are any signs?
20:  Are your favorite times of the day dawn and dusk?
21:  Are your favorite times of the year autumn or spring?
Speaking for myself, I took this test and answered “YES” to 20 out of 21 questions.  SEE HOW MANY FIT FOR YOU!  
Make sure to secure Ted Andrews book, “ENCHANTMENT OF THE FAERIE REALM – Communicate with Nature Spirits & Elementals” for your personal library and reference book.