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Check out this YouTube Video about the upcoming Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017 and its astrological meanings as it journeys across the US. Very interesting and quite informative.

On Monday, August 21, 2017, there’s a total eclipse of the Sun. The Sun’s light will be eclipsed by the Moon and the Moon’s shadow will fall across America.

The path of totality, averaging 67 miles (108 km) wide, will cross through 10 states – Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina – and skim several others. It will pass directly over Salem (Oregon), Idaho Falls and Lincoln (Nebraska), Kansas City and Nashville (Kansas) and Columbia and Charleston (South Carolina). Residents and visitors to these cities will be in the dark for over 2 minutes with those near Hopkinsville, Kentucky – at 1.24.41pm EDT – experiencing the Sun’s glorious corona, strange colors in the sky and stars in the daytime for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. All regions outside the path of totality will experience a partial eclipse. Los Angeles and Boston will experience a 60% cover of the Sun; Miami a 78% cover; Chicago a 87% cover and Seattle and Denver a 92% cover.

Be In Joy!

Check this out;  recent article in the Mountain Xpress
about our (F.A.E.) Faerie and Earth Festival event this
upcoming weekend!

May 21 – 22, 2016

Are you ready? Have you shared this with your friends, family, Facebook friends, associates, clients, customers and neighbors? The rain is an ILLUSION and we can work with it, as long as we stay in the space of Love and do not embrace the Fear Consciousness as projected by those who melt in the rain and by the weather forecasters. Share this article. See you there soon, hopefully! I will be wearing my white top hat trimmed in blue and red suspenders, purple fingernails and wearing a fairy shirt. So glam it up and join the fun!

Be In Joy!


Welcome to the Orbs Around Us!

The following is an article I wrote for Natural Awakenings Magazine, here in the Central Florida area about Orbs.  The first article was zapped by the other realms and this is the article they wanted everyone to see.  Even the publisher, Margaret Jones had odd happenings when she received this article and when she read it outside and out loud, her dog became more protective and needy.  This was in the February/March, 2009 issue.  Check out the links I have shared in the article to learn more about the Orbs.



By: John Springer

orbs St. Augustine lighthouse

Orbs @St. Augustine lighthouse; photo by Janet L. Hall

Welcome to our fellow light beings as they dance and celebrate our existence and theirs.  Have you noticed more and more orbs have shown themselves to us in our photos?  When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States and gave his acceptance speech in Grant Park in Chicago, most people captured orbs dancing in the energies of the night above the crowd.  They really do like to party and are attracted to our light and love.  In years past those same orbs would have been processed out of the photo with the processor thinking there was something wrong with the lens, the camera or the conditions in which the photo was taken.  Not any more with the age of digital cameras do we have this problem.
We all are orbs depending upon the brilliance of our aura, except we are still in human form.  Everything is energy and the orbs are traveling in the most efficient form possible, the sphere.  We are always traveling in our sphere of glow with our aura.  Most people’s aura extends out about one-half inch whereas others extends for one-half of a mile or more.  Our friends, the orbs, also have shown themselves to align to heart energy as demonstrated one night in an experiment we conducted at the Enchanted Children Garden in Yalaha (the gardens do not exist anymore), when I was the Director of the Garden Council with the Yalaha Foundation. 
We had two ladies who both had identical digital cameras aim towards a field known to contain orbs and nature spirits.  One lady was always in her head commenting most of the time by asking, “Why!”, whereas the other lady was mostly in her heart trusting her guidance and stating, “Let Go, Let God!”.  As I stood behind them and watched in their viewfinders, they took their photos at the same time.  The one who stays in her head had no orbs, whereas the one in her heart had lots of orbs in her photograph of the same field at the same time.  Of course the one who is in her head, exclaimed “Why!”.  Our comment was, “That is Why, be in your heart and not in your head to see into the other realms!”.
We have noticed the camera has a broader vision range than we as humans do, however the orbs are very energy sensitive.  My friend Angel Ross (who was the heart lady in the story above) has a strong relationship with the other realms and hears the orbs talk to her.  At her home outside of Daytona the orbs will tell her when to take the pictures and where.  She has communicated with them during a firewalk at Boyd Hill Nature Park many years ago and asked the orbs to cover the coals and protect her from the fire and they did.  She indicated after seeing this photo she knew she was not alone and was very protected.
My wife, Patricia, went out during a foggy night and took several pictures just to see what would show up and a few orbs did.  However when I inquired on whether or not she asked, “Who wants to have their pictures taken tonight?” and then go out and take the photos.  She discovered the number of the orbs in her photos had greatly increased.  Apparently they have egos and like to show off, however we must ask permission before taking our photos, besides they like hanging around our place.  Sometimes in certain enchanted or high energy areas your camera may not work for any reason unless you ask permission or be very heart connected.
During one of our Enchanted Moonlight Walks at the United Research Light Center in Black Mountain, NC, we watched an orange orb dancing through the woods in the viewfinder and yet we could not see it with our eyes.  When the orange orb saw us watching it, it turned and came straight towards us and yet we still could not see it with our eyes.  It showed to me our human vision is very limiting and we must trust our instincts when we are taking pictures.  There will be times you will be told to take a picture and rather than saying “Why!” just take the picture and believe in the results.  When people got out of their heads and back into their hearts, the orbs were captured by nearly everyone in their photographs including an enchanted area was revealed to us showing different colors of light and energy.
When your dog or cat are looking at something and you cannot see it, do not take their picture looking, take a picture of what they are looking at.  Animals are very energy sensitive and have responded to the orbs and the auras of those around them.  Many pets have their own guardians showing up as orbs in their photos either next to them or above their head.  We have found human and animal faces in the orbs, as well as patterns representing crop circles, labyrinths or sacred symbols.
To learn more about photographing orbs, get the book by Leonore Sweet. “How To Photograph the Paranormal” or to
Leonore has done research on what dust, rain, fog, snow and others look like as compared to actual orbs.  It is important to see and know the difference.  

Check out Nancy McKinney’s website: for additional information about orbs and orbs with faces.  Remember to welcome the orbs around us for they may be your friends, your family, your animals, your angels, your guides, celebrating your love and existence as you journey on your earth mission and assignment.  Remember to be in your heart rather than your head.
John S. Springer is located in the Central Florida area is known as a Lightworker/Networker and conducts regular Enchanted Walkabouts at Mead Gardens in Winter Park.  He is a Residential Landscape Designer and conducts Landscape Walkabout.