Monthly Celebrations!

FAE DAYS: Every month we celebrate and mark our calendar with these FAE DAYS. All the FAE DAYS, except the ones matching the year are the same every year. Double digit days, such as, 03/03, 04/04, 05/05, 09/09, 10/10, 11/22 are FAE DAYS, however triple and quad number days are consider HIGH FAE DAYS, such as, 02/22, 11/11, 01/11. Days with double digits are also considered FAE DAYS, such as, 03/11. 03/22, 05/11, 06/22, usually the 11th and the 22nd dates are considered FAE DAYS. Those dates matching the year, we also consider to be FAE DAYS, such as, 03/15/15, 07/15/15.

GNOME DAYS: Are those dates with a play on the numbers, such as, 01/23, 03/21, 12/21, however there are very few dates matching this description.

BUBBLE DAYS: These are the days we enjoy blowing bubbles! BUBBLE DAYS are those dates with a zero in the date, such as, the 10th, 20th and the 30th of each month.

The 3rd THURSDAY FOR TROLLS @ 3:33 PM: Was established to honor the Trolls. It is a “T” thing and brings an additional awareness about the Trolls. We used to have a Troll Walk in a park with nine bridges you walk over and one bridge you walk under. Lots of Trolls in this place, besides the homeless people under the bridge. One of my photographers grew up a block from this park and said the Trolls would show up in his yard. He said they were short, sometimes hairy, sometimes not, big eyes, big nose and basically ugly. Sounds like some of the homeless people we see under the bridge, however this description matches one of the photos I have with a Troll. During a Girl Scout Walkabout in this park we encountered a Troll and no one’s camera worked trying to take his picture. I even placed the tip of my walking stick on his head and still no one was able to get his photo, regardless of the cameras being used.

The 4th FRIDAY FOR FAIRIES @ 4:44 PM: Was established to honor the Fairies. It is a “F” thing and brings an additional awareness about Fairies. We used to have a group meeting in Cassadaga, FL. on this date to discuss fae ways and ways to honor them.

The ASE – Alliance for Spiritual Ecology is always at 5 PM on the Sunday closest to the Full Moon: According to Peter Calhoun. Last year I was appointed to be the International Director of this organization, which has a Facebook Page and regular postings from around the world.