ELF School

E.L.F. (Enchanted Living Forest) School
with John Springer (and Hosts)
of Enchanted Walkabouts

Are You Ready to See and Feel the World of Nature
Through a New Set of Eyes and Heart???

“These E.nchanted L.iving F.orest Schools have been designed to bring people together seeking to understand and to communicate with the many Realms of Earth including Nature Spirits, Faeries, Devas, Elementals and other aspects of connecting with Nature by offering hands-on exercises working with flowers, trees, wind, water, weather, soil, animals and other natural beings waiting for humans to awaken their Sacred Heart to hear the voices, feel the energy and approach everything in Nature with Love.”

ELF (Enchanted Living Forest) School Dates & Locations:

We recently had our E.L.F. School Training on April 29, 30 & May 1, 2016 at the Terra Nova Center, Cedar Mountain, NC 

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