F.A.E. (Faerie and Earth Festival), This weekend in Flat Rock, NC!

Check this out;  recent article in the Mountain Xpress
about our (F.A.E.) Faerie and Earth Festival event this
upcoming weekend!

May 21 – 22, 2016

Are you ready? Have you shared this with your friends, family, Facebook friends, associates, clients, customers and neighbors? The rain is an ILLUSION and we can work with it, as long as we stay in the space of Love and do not embrace the Fear Consciousness as projected by those who melt in the rain and by the weather forecasters. Share this article. See you there soon, hopefully! I will be wearing my white top hat trimmed in blue and red suspenders, purple fingernails and wearing a fairy shirt. So glam it up and join the fun!

Be In Joy!


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