Heart Connection Exercise


Place either hand (or both) upon your Heart Center or High Heart with your thumb and forefinger resting upon your collar bones and your hand(s) surrounding (cupping) your thymus (depression at the base of your neck).  If you bend your head to touch your hand and they do not touch, your hand is too low upon your chest.  Your hand should be just below your neck area (not on your neck) for this exercise to be totally effective.

Then take a minimum of five long deep breaths and usually before the fifth breath you will feel a warming or tingling sensation between your hand and your heart.  If you do not feel this, take five more deep breaths or more.  Once you feel the true Soul or Sacred Heart awakening and opening, you will then be able to send Love Energy to anyone or any creation of God and/or Great Spirit, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul, from the Inside Out, rather than the Outside In.  

This is how we communicate with all realms of God, seen and unseen.  This is how we communicate with flowers to release their fragrance.  This is how we talked to trees to take away our pain & stress. 

This is how we communicate with dolphins to come jump for us.  This is how we communicate with the rain & the wind.  This is we communicate with the oneness!

Live Openly Vibrant Everyday

Be the Love & Share the Love!

John Springer Heart ConnectionThe Heart Connection

Always Be In Joy!

Eshalom Samuel

John Springer

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