Prayer Spiral

stone sprial“This Prayer Spiral has been designed to provide you the opportunity to issue prayers as you walk in a clockwise spiral towards the center. First, at the entrance to the spiral, bow to the center of the spiral before walking. Say your prayers out loud or to yourself from the entry point to the center of the spiral. Walk slowly, since you are issuing prayers during your walk. Once you are in the center, then lift your hands above your head, as you give your prayers to God and his Angels to take upwards. This clock-wise spiral is an Ascending Spiral, as your prayers get taken and released into the other realms. After your prayers have been issued, then reverse yourself and walk back out in a counter-clockwise pattern, which is a Descending Spiral. This represents coming back to earth and where you are encouraged to do your blessings, thanks and gratitude before reaching the beginning point. Once you finish, bow again towards the center of the spiral, in appreciation for this time of prayer”  

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