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Created by Brian Demeter

Every once in a while I’ll feel compelled to paint a certain image. The image flashes in my mind and it just feels right to paint. Then, sometimes months or years later I’ll find out the real “reason” for the piece – like the painting has come to me too fast for its purpose ad no, since in the “real world” it’s waiting patiently for the right time. When talking with a friend of mine, John Springer, I told him that I think I (or rather “The Universe”) may have created my walking Rabbit image (2004), as a portrait of him (before I even met him!) Freaky huh? If you haven’t met John (He knows everyone), he’s this whimsical fellow who brings many of us back into the heart of nature. You can’t miss him as he tramps ahead of his walk-abouts, because of his tall top hat, which happens to have a plush rabbit inside. The title of this piece is (ready): Spring’s Gift.

Check out this great quote from Shannon Svensson, who knows John: “I’ll bet you a dollar that rabbit has a John in his hat. It’s a portrait of our merry leader if you turned him inside out, starting with his hat.”


Brian Demeter’s uniquely colorful and textured works have been seen in many publishing arenas, as well as several fine art venues and nature centers.

“Nature is my muse. Whatever the medium, the vehicle of inspiration inside me is driven by nature. I love the entire creative process, from the spark of inspiration, to the dynamic meditation of the painting process, and finally to the feeling when a painting is finished and allowed to start living!”

Response is key. When I’ve just created a new piece and it’s ready to be seen, I love to hear how it made the viewers feel. Continually referencing my design background, my intention is to keep my painting compositions simple yet sophisticated, and embodied with a powerful energy throughout, welcoming the viewer to step inside and spend some time inside the imagined world.

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